Fall 2014, Volume 8, Issue 2

WBB Reporter V.8, Iss.2

In this issue:

“Plan Before You Think You Need To” By: Michael B. Berzowski

“Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules that Unpaid Health Care Interns are Not Entitled to Whistleblower Protection” By: Thomas L. Skalmoski

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Fall 2011, Volume 5, Issue 4

WBB Reporter V.5 Iss. 4

In this issue:

“A Look At Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law,” by James S. Swiderski

“Why Do I Need Life Insurance?” by Keith R. Butler

“Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnership Act” by Susan J. Marguet

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Winter 2010, Volume 4, Issue 1


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Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

In this issue:

“Workplace Violence Prevention: Warning Signs, Response and Zero Tolerance,” by Anna M. Pepelnjak

“More Tax Case Filings, More Complexity = More Significant Tax Law Development,” by Robert B. Teuber

“Working Lands Initiative: New Conversion Fees for Rezoning Agricultural Land,” by Ann K. Chandler

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Weiss Berzowski Brady LLP, All Business. New at wbb-law.com promotes new website.

Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy:

Sample policy provided online only.

Summer 2009, Volume 3, Issue 3


In this issue:

“Real Estate Issues in Estate Planning: Cohabitation May Pose Challenges,” by Caitlyn A. Beaudry

“Social Media’s Popularity May Become Employer’s Nightmare,” by Anna M. Pepelnjak

“Seller Financing: Financing Acquisitions in a Slow Economy,” by Steven M. Szymanski

“Raising the Red Flag: Programs for Combating Identity Theft,” by Mark W. Siler

“Memo to Landlords: Avoid Liability for Tenant Property Improvements,” by Bryan W. Edgar

Client Corner: Kelmann Corporation

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