Disputes are inevitable and litigation is unfortunately a cost of doing business. Whether someone is asserting a claim against you or you have a claim to assert, you want your rights protected and you want someone who understands your business and your goals. That is the cornerstone of Weiss Berzowski LLP’s litigation group. We have a long history of representing clients in virtually every type of commercial or business dispute – always with a close eye on their needs and bottom line. Weiss Berzowski LLP’s litigators have a simple philosophy that we apply in every case. A dispute is a problem that needs to be solved, not a drawn-out battle that needs to be escalated at all costs. Sometimes the only way a problem can be solved is through tenacious and aggressive litigation up to and including trial. But other times, the problem can be solved more efficiently in a different way. We evaluate each case based on our client’s needs, risk tolerance and goals. We look for solutions that will solve the problem with the most dollars left on your bottom line. We can do that because we have the knowledge and experience to tailor our approach to the specifics of each case. We have extensive experience representing clients in all state and federal trial and appellate courts in Wisconsin and in administrative and regulatory proceedings, arbitrations and mediations. All of our litigators have extensive courtroom experience. Most have tried a significant number of cases through to verdict. For more than 50 years, we’ve handled virtually every type of business dispute from contract claims to real estate disputes to construction litigation to professional malpractice claims. Whatever the size or type of dispute, Weiss Berzowski LLP’s litigation group will proactively work to solve the problem and get your focus back where it belongs.