Business Law

The attorneys at Weiss Berzowski LLP bring a business-focused perspective to every matter we handle. Our business law attorneys regularly advise privately-held businesses on a variety of business transactions, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial transactions
  • Banking & commercial loan transactions
  • Choice of entity selection

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring or selling a business can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our attorneys use their financial and tax backgrounds to provide every client with advice that makes sense not only from a legal perspective, but also a business perspective. We have represented buyers, sellers, investors and lenders in all aspects of acquisition transactions and are familiar with purchase and sale terms that are market competitive. We have represented parties in leveraged buy-outs, private equity transactions, public company transactions and private party transactions. We have substantial experience in structuring acquisitions and negotiating and drafting acquisition documents, including letters of intent, due diligence requests, confidentiality agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, merger agreements, redemption agreements, non-competition agreements and other ancillary documents. Acquisitions involve a variety of potential legal issues, including taxation, real estate, ERISA, employment, commercial, corporate and securities. Our business attorneys work as a team to ensure that you receive the appropriate expertise and are fully represented.

Commercial Transactions

Fully understanding the business and legal implications of every transaction and the agreements documenting that transaction can be imperative to the transaction’s success. We represent manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and purchasers in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, including manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, sales representative agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements and joint venture agreements.

Banking & Commercial Loan Transactions

At some point in a business’ life cycle, financing is needed. When that time arrives, the business attorneys at Weiss Berzowski LLP can provide competent and practical advice. We have represented borrowers, lenders and investors in traditional and non-traditional sources of commercial financing. We have substantial experience in negotiating and drafting loan agreements and collateral documents, including real estate loan documentation, asset-based loan documentation, mezzanine financing documentation, non-recourse financing documentation and work-out documentation. We use our expertise to ensure that the terms of the deal are fair and competitive.

Choice of Entity Selection

The business law attorneys at Weiss Berzowski LLP have the expertise to advise you as to what type of entity satisfies your tax needs and provides the best governance structure for your new business. Many of our attorneys are CPAs and use their financial and tax backgrounds to advise you about what entity best fits your situation.