Fall 2014, Volume 8, Issue 2

WBB Reporter V.8, Iss.2

In this issue:

“Plan Before You Think You Need To” By: Michael B. Berzowski

“Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules that Unpaid Health Care Interns are Not Entitled to Whistleblower Protection” By: Thomas L. Skalmoski

At the Firm

Wisconsin Now a Right to Work State

By Andrew T. Frost.

Generally, the laws pertaining to private-sector collective bargaining rights are the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government. However, states have the right to pass “Right to Work” laws, which are laws that prohibit an employer from requiring employees to be members of a union and pay union dues as conditions of employment. On March 9, 2015, Governor Scott Walker signed 2015 Wisconsin Act 1 into law enacting “Right to Work” in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the 25th state to enact Right to Work legislation.