Appellate Case Selected for Argument at the University of Wisconsin Law School

Milwaukee, WI – September 19, 2013 –  An appellate case being handled by Chris Trebatoski has been selected for argument in the University of Wisconsin Law School in front of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit as part of the court’s efforts to make arguments presented more accessible and the law school’s efforts to train new lawyers in appellate advocacy. The case CTL, et al. v. Ashland School District, is an American with Disabilities Act claim that addresses the duties of schools with respect to diabetic children. The argument will be presented September 23rd in the largest lecture hall at the law school and Mr. Trebatoski will be answering questions from law students regarding appellate advocacy after the argument.

Jury Trial Selected for coverage by Courtroom View Network

Milwaukee, WI – September 16, 2013 – A jury trial to be presented by Chris Trebatoski and Barry White has been selected by Courtroom View Network, CVN, the cable based courtroom network, for gavel to gavel coverage. The case is scheduled to begin September 16th and run for two weeks.  In Reep, et al. v. City of Milwaukee, Chris and Barry represent more than one hundred residents of the Lincoln Creek and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of Milwaukee in a suit claiming the city was negligent in maintenance and operation of its sewer system resulting in significant sewer back up into basements of more than one hundred homes. CVN is a subscription service for lawyers, law firms and the general public with the stated purposes of providing “analysis of current and upcoming litigation” and to provide training opportunities for lawyers to “learn trial advocacy by watching top litigators with real video clips and expert commentary and analysis.” More information can be found at