Charles Stone and Sandy Swartzberg, Again Receiving Recognition For Their Work With Chinese Investors in the United States

Once more, Weiss Berzowski Brady attorneys Charles R. Stone and Sandy Swartzberg have been highlighted for their understanding of Chinese culture and business practices. An article last week in Mandarin Quarterly discusses the recent surge of Chinese investment and business in America, spotlighting Charles and Sandy for their efforts in this area – with Sandy’s recent translations of some of his posts on his blog Conversations With Sam receiving a good deal of interest amongst Chinese readers.

This weekend, brings his considerable knowledge and speaking prowess to Chicago, where he will present “Debunking Myths: US-China Cross-Border Barriers” at the Emerging Markets Summit on Saturday, April 27. This University of Chicago Booth School Of Business event, hosted by five independent student groups, showcases different international geographical areas as well as specific market topics. More information on the event may be found here. Dr. Stone’s presentation is part of the China / Asia Pacific Conference and occurs directly after the mid-day keynote.